Powder Coating Procedure:

  • Processes to be completed are identified and a work order is created tailored to the processes to be completed.
  • Most products go through a three stage Iron Phosphate was system and is cleaned at 180 degrees’.
  • Masking and plugging of hardware per customer drawing’s is next.
  • Proper powder coating is selected and applied to proper thickness.
  • Parts are then baked at powder mfg specifications. Generally around 400 degrees F.
  • Parts are inspected and de-Masked.
  • Silk Screened if needed per customer drawings.
  • Final Inspection and packed for shipping by best method or customer instructions.

Screen PrintingRAL Color Chart

Powder Coating Capabilities:

Hundreds of stock colors and textures available. Custom colors and color matching available.
Masking to your drawings specifications. On-site silk screening and many colors.
Prototype to production runs. Masking of all hardware available prior to finishing.

Powder Coating and Silk-Screening Over These Materials:

Cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum.
Silk-Screening on all of the above including powder coating, Zinc plating, Anodized Aluminum and plastics.
Powder Oven Typhoon Washer
Phosphate Wash System