Fabrication Capabilities


Punching and Laser Cutting and 5 Axis Water Jetting. 

A wide variety of Amada CNC controlled punch presses including King Vipros 358, Pega 244's capable of handling the largest size sheets. Amada Laser capable of cutting up to half inch steel. Using 3D CAD software in conjunction with the Amada punching and Laser software along with file saving we can ensures a consistent and accurate punching and cut the first time and every time there after. 

The MAXIEM 1515 Water Jet with its 5 Axis head delivers high performance in a compact package. With an ample cutting area that easily fits up to 5’ x 5’ (1.5 m x 1.5 m) material stock, the 1515 is an excellent fit for fabrication and job shops. The highly efficient MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump delivers the highest nozzle horsepower in the industry for faster, more efficient cutting. The advanced Windows® 8 controller features a large 23” (584 mm) screen for easy viewing of part files and tool paths and comes with the powerful Intelli-MAX® Software Suite ready to use.

Machining Services

The VM10 and the VM20I are the fastest growing vertical machining center in North America because it is the perfect combination of size and functionality. It has the smallest footprint but is loaded with remarkably big capacity, productivity and user flexibility.
The VM10 with its 26x16x20” work envelope in a 70.9x62.5" working footprint makes the VM10 very attractive for most applications.
The VM10 also comes equipped with Hurco’s control system, bringing the flexibility and power of all Hurco machines

The VM20I with its 40"x 20"x 20" work envelope small working footprint makes the VM20I very attractive for most larger applications.
The VM20I also comes equipped with Hurco’s control system, bringing the flexibility and power of all Hurco machines .


Using the latest in forming technology and equipment this guarantees a consistent part, bend after bend. Utilizing electric CNC controlled high speed servo’ our Toyokoki brakes range from 60 to 140 ton and 10 foot length are capable of producing formed parts at a rapid pace while maintaining consistent quality. Perfect for the jobs at hand.

Hardware Insertion

A wide variety of Heager Hardware Insertion machines insures quick
and precise hardware insertion. Utilizing our 824 Window Touch machine we are capable of inserting many types of hardware while handling the part only once. Using high speed auto hardware feeding equipment along with the Window Touch we can produce accurate, consistent and high quality parts quickly. This saves us time and to you the customer, reduced costs.


We are capable of welding most materials. Mig, Tig, Arc, Soldering and brazing are just some of the welding techniques we offer. Using jigs and other means of aligning part to be welded we can insure the quality and precision will be there every time.


The De-Burring department is responsible to make sure parts are burr free and ready for any type of finish that may be required. Using De-burring machines, 37” Wet Timesavers, Tumblers and other forms of belt sanders along with various forms of hand tools we can produce a burr free product.


We can assemble your project. Complete turnkey available. From assembling components to wiring and testing we can do it all. We can design custom packaging.  We can also ship direct to your customer.